Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG) received funding from the Federal Highway Administration and Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to prepare a plan for transportation, mobility, and parking improvements to the Noroton Heights Train Station and the surrounding area in the Town of Darien, Connecticut. The purpose of the plan is to support economic growth and development by promoting sustainable mobility and leveraging the transit-oriented assets surrounding the station. The study area for this plan is the area within approximately one-half mile of the Noroton Heights train station in Darien, Connecticut. The following are the objectives of this planning process:

  1. Engage the public and provide opportunities for meaningful involvement throughout the study.
  2. Inventory existing conditions to understand existing mobility and parking conditions in the station area, including access to, operations of, the functionality of, and the condition of the Noroton Heights train station.
  3. Recommend potential physical and operational improvements that address existing deficiencies and meet the projected demand from future growth, including from proposed developments.
  4. Develop strategies that lead to sustainable mobility and parking conditions, and that support transit-oriented development (TOD) within the area.
  5. Produce a final implementation strategy to guide recommended improvements.

The project is being performed under the direction of WestCOG, in cooperation with the Town of Darien and CTDOT.